Team Tryouts 2023-2024

Thank you for your interest in 222’s Fastpitch Travel Teams! This tryout is for female softball players looking to tryout for any one of our travel teams. In order to be eligible for one of our travel teams, each player must attend a tryout camp. Each tryout camp will be held over 2 days. Teams will be selected after all tryout dates are complete. Registration is now open! 


Tryout Dates & Locations: 

    • Saskatoon, SK – Saturday, August 19 & Sunday, August 20
    • Edmonton, AB – Tuesday, August 22 & Wednesday, August 23
    • Saskatoon, SK – Saturday, August 26 & Sunday, August 27

A player needs to attend just one of the three camps to be considered for one of the travel teams. We will have maximum numbers for each tryout location, and a maximum number of players to be selected to the teams, so do not wait to register for a tryout camp.


2023-2024 Travel Teams:

    • 12U Team – Birth year’s 2012 – 2010
    • 14U Team – Birth year’s 2010 – 2009
    • 16U Team – Birth year’s 2008 – 2007
    • 18U Team – Birth year’s 2006-2005

Birth Year’s 2010’s will be 12U before Jan 1, 2024 and 14U after Jan 1, 2024
Birth Year’s 2009 will be 14U the entire winter season
Birth Year’s 2008 will be 14U before Jan 1, 2024 and 16U after Jan 1, 2024
Birth Year’s 2007 will be 16U the entire winter season
Birth Year’s 2006 will be 16U before Jan 1, 2024 and 18U after Jan 1, 2024
Birth Year’s 2005 will be 18U only, and only attending Tournaments after Jan 1, 2024


Practice Commitments:

    • 2 Full Team practice weekends in Saskatoon in September 2023
    • 1 Full Team practice weekend in Saskatoon each month from October 2023 – February 2024
    • 1 Regional Team practice closest to you each month from October 2023 – March 2024. Locations considered for these partial team practices: Saskatoon, Edmonton, Moose Jaw, Brandon.

Tournament Commitments:

222’s Tournament locations will be different for each age group. Tournament dates and locations will be in place prior to August 1st, 2023. We will add tournament dates to our website as we have them. In previous years, team travel took place the last two weeks of October, last two weeks of November, first two weeks of December, first week of January, second and third weeks of February, and last two weeks of March. Players selected to the teams will range from attending 1 tournament to several tournaments. Regardless of how many tournaments you attend, all players selected will be able to take place in all team practices, as well as mental training, and 2’s strength and conditioning programs.

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